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Elmswell Railway CrossingElmswell is a thriving, working village in Mid Suffolk with a population of some 3,000 + living in some 1,400 households. There is local employment easily available and infrastructure factors such as the railway station, primary school, police and fire stations, shops and 2 pubs make it a 'sustainable' community, identified by the Suffolk County Council as a 'CS3' Village - one to which future development will be legitimately directed.

There is a lively network of community groups, societies and organisations. Given the inevitable pressures of development there is a strong political awareness, which means that the Parish Council must be both businesslike and competent but sensitive to changing moods across the whole spectrum of the community.

This website is hosted by Elmswell Parish Council to provide information on its structures and procedures but, as importantly, to provide a way into other Elmswell based sites which give some reflection of an active and dynamic community.

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