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Mens Shed's - update 18/07/2016 (as tabled at the July meeting)

Mens shed’s exist in many towns and villages now. They provide a place for anyone who needs some respite from retirement, loss of a partner, medical issues, mental health issues, loneliness, boredom and many other things. The ‘sheds’ have a proven track record especially with men’s mental health and have a contributing factor in prolonging life. The movement is supported by many agencies including SCC, Age concern, Mental health organisations and government.

Mens shed’s provide a ‘community workshop’ where like in a traditional shed in a garden things can be made, repaired, painted, crafted. It provides something to look forward to, companionship, a place to sit out of the house and away from the same old, same old. To learn or rekindle skills, to provide a service to the community such as planters, or repairs to street furniture and to assist community furniture projects by making furniture fit for use.

Peter and I have racked our brains for a suitable site in Elmswell, but we have been thwarted. I have therefore thrown my hand in with Stowmarket. The trustees of the Meadlands Social Club (on the PPG industries site)- It is our intention to build a shed on land by their indoor bowls rinks. I anticipate that we would have an open day and the proposed date is 25th September. I would be pleased if you could spread the word and any comments or questions, I’m happy to deal.

See also the website http://smms.center/

Written by Cllr Mike Friend

A new website has been launched to publicise local groups and events in all areas of Suffolk with an IP postcode.

Elmswell has its own page, so if you run a club/group in the village, or are interested in finding out more information on local activities, this website may be of interest to you.

Link: http://ipscene.co.uk/directory/?fwp_location=elmswell 


Those who knew Stanley King will know that he sadly passed away late last year after a lifetime of service to the community.
Below is a video of the recent community tribute, held in the Jubilee Hall at Blackbourne.

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